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the platform series

Brings the arts back to the streets!

ZoGo Distro puts the power back in the hands of the creative! One of the ways we do this is by allowing creatives to perform LIVE throughout the world on our stages in THE PLATFORM SERIES mini concerts.

The platform series

We are looking for musicians, singers, poets, bands, groups, dance groups/troupes, rappers, and comedians to perform live in some of the nations most exciting cities and famous locations! The best thing about our “THE PLATFORM SERIES”, you get to choose which cities you want to perform in. Select for the city(s) below and submit your video to be selected to perform on one of THE PLATFORM SERIES stages. Submit for one or submit for them all!

  • Complete a few questions.

  • Upload your 1-1:30 minute video

  • $25 Submission Fee

Creatives and artists will be selected from all of the performances submitted for a particular stage and/or city. Not every submission will be selected, so make sure your submit your BEST performance yet!

Creatives will be selected by the following criteria:

  • Creatives can come from the following artistic categories: musicians, singers, poets,
  • bands, groups, dance groups/troupes, rappers, and comedians.
  • Innovative performances
  • Appropriate for public family audiences
  • All performers must be in the 1-1:30 minute submission video.
  • The performance shows a high degree of artistry within their genre.


  • Overtly sexual content
  • Abrasive and/or course language,
  • Excessive cursing/ Adult language
  • Poor audio or visual quality
  • 5 Minute performance

  • Edited video of their performance

  • Live stream exposure

  • Zogo Distro $25-$50 Gift card towards the next Zogo opportunity or event

  • Opportunity to be considered for another performance location

Artists must pay for their own travel and lodging.

Everyone who completes the submission process will be added to the ZoGo Distro Waitlist.


Dansbury Park
Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
August 26

Times Square
New York, New York

Coney Island
Brooklyn, New York

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Southern Hospitality
Atlanta, Georgia

Let’s get started.

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